“In today’s economy, with growing companies that are trying to do more with less, it is no longer acceptable to not look at new technologies in the cloud, contact center or network side. We can do the evaluation for you, reducing the resources you need to spend and build a ROI model that fits your company’s needs for justifying the expense or operationalizing the cost!” — Al Hays, CTO

Merging Services Reduces Operational Costs and Technological Complexity

Combining your voice, data, video, or wireless services through Cloudburst Technologies can increase productivity & functionality and give your business the competitive advantage necessary for success. We’ll design a secure and scalable turnkey solution for your company – whether it has ten employees or ten thousand. Cloudburst Technologies has deployed thousands of IP solutions. Let us apply our experience to your company’s needs.

Implementation Services

Cloudburst Technologies maintenance plans for most larger providers like Avaya are cost-effective, saving 20%, 30%, 40% or even more on your current PBX (private branch exchange) phone system. Communication service outages can crush your business’ productivity and profits. Ensure your network is always up with a maintenance plan from Cloudburst Technologies. Our 24-hour service teams can resolve most issues without the need for client notification, letting you focus on running your company.


The need to rapidly respond to customers and provide workforce flexibility is essential in today’s competitive business culture. Companies that can’t function outside the office are at a severe disadvantage. Let Cloudburst Technologies give your employees on the road or at home the ability to transform any environment into a workplace.

Contact Center

We provide targeted expense management utilizing our experience with data and voice networks, and cloud and facilities-based PBX equipment to provide the best technology at the lowest cost.

  • Cloudburst Technologies brings Avaya and Cisco’s unparalleled expertise and contact center technology to your organization. As an authorized Avaya and Cisco Business Partner specializing in the contact center field, we are able to ensure your company benefits from many of their unparalleled services:

    • Interactive Voice Response
    • Proactive Inbound and Outbound Contact Management
    • Superior Customer Service Abilities

    Extend advanced contact center capabilities across your IP network and the internet through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Give your business an advantage by providing high-quality customer service from any location, centralizing application management, consolidating infrastructure and reducing network costs.

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