Cloudburst Technologies works with industry-leading providers...

... to avoid upfront infrastructure cost and focus on projects that differentiate their business instead of on infrastructure, to deliver solutions that will help businesses get cloud-based applications up and running faster with improved manageability and less maintenance.

Cloudburst Technologies is Commited to Reducing Cloud Cost and Waste

For decades businesses have been buying infrastructure for data centers months or even years in advance of when it was required. With virtualization, companies spun up virtual machines, usually with more resources than necessary, and left them running even when they were no longer being used. There was little impetus to make virtualized environments more efficient since benefits seemed less tangible—the hardware had already been purchased and paid for.

Today, however, as more and more resources are offloaded to publicly hosted cloud services, optimizing resources can save money immediately. The moment a resource is turned off or scaled down, it is no longer an expense. Next month’s cloud services bill could be lower. Optimizing instances, usage and other items is our specialty and can help reduce overall IT costs.

There is over 10 billion in wasted spend in cloud purchase, and waste is over 30% of the bill. - RightScale

Thirty percent is an alarming ratio considering how fast cloud services usage is growing. Unaware of their options or true needs, many enterprise customers overpay for cloud services. Cloud companies have such complex billing and usage models that someone not specializing in cloud-based services may never discover where unnecessary or wasted costs might accrue.

AWS (Amazon Web Services), only one of many technology companies providing public cloud services, has over 70,000 price points for “instances” alone. AWS Instances are only one component of a myriad of cloud-based services offered by Amazon. Lack of preparation can make navigating cloud services cost models a labyrinthine endeavor.

Allow someone who can help you break down your bill and look at the different technologies, hybrid, public, and private clouds assess what your business needs to provide you with the right solution at the right time.