"Frankly there is a problem today in the telecom arena. We constantly hear our largest prospects (now customers) complain that they can’t get out of a contract and the pricing is outrageous. Let us keep this from happening to your organization. We have over 25 years of negotiating pricing and contracts for our customers with every major carrier and cloud provider!" — Ron Stricklin, CEO

Cloudburst Technologies Implements Cost-effective Solutions from the Top Providers

We have one of the most experienced teams in the industry and carry the “Best of Breed” products and services. Our company focuses on products from Avaya, Cisco and multiple global cloud providers like Ring Central and IP Telephony. We partner with Masergy, CenturyLink, AT&T;, Telstra and many of the largest providers that want to use our experience with mid to large companies to provide the latest solutions that we have battle tested and installed in some of the largest companies in the world.

Proven Track Record

For over 18 years, Cloudburst Technologies has been providing services and optimal support to some of Fortune 100’s top companies. We have a great list of referenceable customers on a global basis and specialize in large, complex global systems. Our team is ready to serve you, whether you are a smaller retail company with 5+ locations or a large Fortune company with global communications needs.

Network Services

We provide complete network assessments, ordering and planning services including SIP, MPLS, SD WAN, Cloud and UCaaS services while partnering with the top providers in the world.

Implementation Services

Our standard “White Glove” service is provided with all of our installs. We take a personal interest in each account—providing our cell phone numbers all the way up to the CEO—making ourselves available 24/7 for emergency needs!

RFP and Bid Reduction

As a no-cost service, our team of experts have run hundreds of RFPs and bids. Managing these processes allows your team to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

Expense Management Services

We provide targeted expense management utilizing our experience with data and voice networks, and cloud and facilities-based PBX equipment to provide the best technology at the lowest cost.

  • We ensure clean up of any old analog lines at existing facilities, reducing maintenance costs which may have doubled in the last three to five years.
  • We review SIP and LD pricing and provide a more cost-effective solution in most cases.
  • We compare ownership of new equipment to operationalizing that cost and getting the latest technology for less.
  • We review current contracts and provide unique maintenance plans saving up to 30-40% of current costs.
  • We can usually save a company 10% or more on their data network renewal and/or upgrade with our knowledgeable staff that have worked as executives in large network companies.
  • We ensure SD WAN or other cost-reduction models are presented and compared to eliminate wasted spend on mistakes or poor providers and ensure that the recommended technology is a good fit.

Facilities and Cloud-Based Networks

We provide service and infrastructure from top industry providers.

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Intergrated Communications

We combine voice, data, video, and wireless services to streamline conversations across multiple platforms and devices.

Tailored Security Expertise

We offer custom security packages to ensure your protection without waste.